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    Wednesday, 26 October 2011

    Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Stock ROM Download

    Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Stock ROM Download

    Samsung  N7000 Stock ROM Download

    We recommended to use firmware version from your own region.
    To check phone version you can follow two way :
    • Tap or Type *#1234#
    • Go to Setting - About Phone - see Baseband version
    Please flash the phone carefully and follow flashing or upgrade procedures / tutorial, and of course do it with your own risk.

    Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Stock ROM

    RegionFW  VersionDroid VersionDateHotfileFileserveFilesonicCSC
    EuropeN7000XXKJ12.3.5 Gingerbread2011 OctoberDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADOXAKJ1

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    Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Stock ROM Download


    pekidi said...

    what is the password

    samsdroid said...

    Hello pekidi...,
    Please open readme.txt first...,
    You'll find the password there

    olographics said...

    how can I flash this STOCK ROM to my Galaxy Note? I tried to install a custom rom and is stuck on the boot animation.
    I have downloaded this file, now what?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance

    samsdroid said...

    Hello olographics .....,
    Follow this tutorial..,,

    Good luck..,

    nomar_jr_3 said...

    Where is the readme.txt file?
    I downloaded the zip, checked inside and no txt file?
    What is the password? Please reply asap

    samsdroid said...

    Hello nomar_jr_3...,

    The password is

    comeric said...

    I down loaded the file and the only thing in the file is the N7000JPKJ4_N7000OJPKJ3_N7000XXKJ4_HOME.tar.md5. Where do I find the .pit, PDA, Phone and CSC files?

    Thanks for the Help!!

    samsdroid said...

    Hello comeric..,
    N7000JPKJ4_N7000OJPKJ3_N7000XXKJ4_HOME.tar.md5 is one package file

    Cameronkk said...

    Cannot Extract files, tried repair opens up fine without error, so must have downloaded correctly. Exact Size on disk is (605 671 424 bytes)

    ! C:\Users\....\Downloads\ Unknown method in N7000XXKK9_N7000OJVKK2_N7000XXKK5_HOME.tar.md5
    ! C:\Users\....\Downloads\ Unknown method in SS_DL.dll
    ! C:\Users\....\Downloads\ No files to extract

    Victor guzman said...

    When I tried to download app or buy apps to my galaxy note I can't because my pc do not recognize any android device and also when recognized shows my device as "Roshan N7000 is not compatible with the app because device's identity and location" Roshan is my carrier in afghanistan where I work, what I am doing wrong, how can I download and buy games and apps to my device? Thanks.

    Ruud Th said...

    The download files doesn't exist anymore. :-(

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